Traditional Witches' Bottle

The Traditional Witches' Bottle

The Witches' Bottle is a tool of great power and protection. This powerful tool has been used by witches for ages and ages, as long as stories are told. Witches customarily use this to stop harmful thoughts, magicks, or doings toward them. Each bottle is very personal and must be made by the witch which plans to be protected.

Begin by gathering the following items:

  • A glass bottle with a top.
  • Five Black candles.
  • Sharp objects (broken glass, needles, rusted metal nails).
  • Small amount of earth and foliage.
  • Small amount of water.
  • Small amount of own semen or urine (if you are female, menstrual fluid instead of semen).
  • Sea Salt.
  • Your Athame.

    Once these items have been gathered, take them to a quiet place that will not be disturbed in nature, a barren spot in the woods works perfectly for this.

    Sprinkle Sea Salt upon the ground in a circle big enough to surround yourself and your items, starting at the north and going clockwise back to the north.

    Again, beginning North, light a candle at each compass point(North, East, South, West), and one in the center, inside your circle; concentrate on your circle building a solid shield of power around you, above you, and below you. You may notice your candles flickering rapidly as you construct this protective barrier. Speak the following aloud:

    I call to the powers of the universe, to the god and goddess, and all other good entities who might provide assistance to my cause. I consecrate this bottle (raise the bottle in the air) as a tool of power and protection by the name of Isis and Athena, so mote it be.

    Place the earth and foliage in the bottle and Speak aloud:

    I Call thee Demeter, Goddess of Earth to empower this bottle for protection. So mote it be.

    Place the rest of the objects you have gathered into the bottle and then say with great authority, as if the Gods themselves have charged you with speaking such:

    For those who would attempt to harm.
    So much as scratch upon my arm.
    Or mental games such fools may play.
    Should be entrapped, forever stay.

    With your Athame, pierce your skin and drip three drops of blood in the bottle. Drip wax from the center black candle inside the bottle and hold the bottle out sideways (but don't let anything fall out!) and spin clockwise three times. Cap the bottle before any of the air can escape. Seal the cap with wax dripping from the candle. Then speak aloud with the same authority:

    My blood entrapped inside this tool.
    Protecting me with magickal pull.
    The love from which the goddess flows.
    Protects her child from head to toes.
    To they who dare to cross my path.
    Will get what they send, and the goddess' wrath.
    They'll learn too well the law of 3
    My spell is done; so mote it be.

    At this point you should thank those who have helped you in your working and release them until you meet again.

    You may do one of two things; you may gather your bottle and take it back into your possession or, you can bury the bottle very deep so that it will not be disturbed. If anyone attempts to send any negativity of any kind towards you it will be returned to them 3 fold and then they will face the wrath of the goddess for trying such frivolous works.