Crystal Magick

Crystal Magick

Crystal Magic (or lythomancy) comes in many forms. For some people, just having a crystal in their pocket, or in the form of jewelery, is what they would consider 'crystal magic', for others this will involve divination, spells, scrying, protection or healing.

Each different crystal has it's own specific meaning and properties and these can be used to help us in different ways. In divination pulling crystals from a bag can help give us a better insight into our life. Larger pieces of crystals can be used in spells, while smaller pieces (or tumble stones) can be held or put into a pocket to help us feel better i.e. blue lace quartz can help us feel calmer.

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Cleansing Your Crystals

Before you use a crystal that you have chosen (or that has chosen you), it is important that you clean it. Everyone who has previously touched your crystal has left a little bit of their energy on it. While not usually strong enough to prevent the crystal's own energies from getting to you, these energy deposits may reduce the ability of a crystal to "take a charge".

It is also important to clean a crystal after you have used it for a particular purpose, to get rid of residual negative energy.There are several ways to clean a crystal. When doing any of them, be sure to visualize all negative energies being taken away from the crystal and it being restored to its fullest strength and vitality.

Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Visualizing: When you need to clean a crystal quickly, this is the way to do it. Ground and center yourself. Visualize Earth energy coming through your feet, and root chakra and Light energy coming down through your crown chakra. Have the two energies flow up and down your spine and then flow down your arms and into your hands. Hold the crystal in your hands and visualize the energies from your hands flowing into the crystal and transmuting all negative energies into positive ones. Do this until the crystal feels clean and full, and the cleaning process is complete.

Smudging: Smudging uses the elements of fire and water, with the energies of the herb burned, to cleanse and recharge the crystal. Sage is the herb most commonly used. The sage is lit, and the crystal is passed through the smoke. The technique works well with sturday stones, but should be avoided with clear, faceted stones or stones set in jewelry.

Sunning or Mooning: You can also clean a crystal by putting it on a window sill, or outside upon a rock, and allowing it to spend some time with the Sun and Moon energies. You might have a preference of Sun or Moon depending on the purpose for which you will use the crystal, but either or both will work for general cleansing and recharging. Do keep in mind that some stones, like, rose quartz, will fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight for very long. The length of time you leave them out is up to you, and, of course, the crystal in question.

Grounding or Earth Method: There are several different ways to clean a crystal by grounding. The easiest way is to bury the crystal in the Earth, either outside in the ground, or inside, in the soil around a potted plant. If you choose outside, make sure you remember where you put the crystal! If you choose the inside, make sure the plant is healthy, so the crystal doesn't spend its time trying to heal the plant when it is supposed to be resting and recharging. You can also ground a crystal by putting it on a bed of sea salt or a clear quartz cluster.

Essential Oils: The focus here is on particular oils that have cleaning/clearing properties. The most economical method for using oils is to place crystals in a container, fill it with filtered water as you would for the salt water method, and put a drop or two of essential oil into the water.

  • Lemon: This has a purifying effect and, on a practical level, cuts grease.

  • Juniper: Like juniper in a smudge stick, juniper oil has the ability to help release any negative vibrations.

  • Lavender: If you've been doing any kind of intense emotional work with your crystals, lavender oil has a calming and balancing effect. Put some on yourself, too. The previous methods can work well for large quantities of crystals. The following methods are better for individual crystals or small quantities of small crystals.
  • Sage Tea: Take fresh sage if available and brew a pot of light tea; allow it to cool. Place your crystals in a bowl (use glass if possible) and pour the cooled tea over them. If you want,leave them in the sage tea overnight. Then remove them and rinse with clean, pure water. Since there are chemicals in most water systems you may prefer to use a gallon of distilled water. If you can safely place crystals outside for nature to cleanse, that is perfect, though you'll need to be able to distinguish which stones cleanse best by moonlight and which stones cleanse best by solar.

    Reiki: Using Reiki itself or in combination with visualization can ing your crystals. If you're Reiki Level 1, hold the crystal in your hand and simply Reiki it. If you're Reiki 1, you can also draw the mental/emotional symbol over your crystals.

    Charging Your Crystals

    Charging a crystal empowers the crystal to aim its energies toward a particular goal or function. Before you begin to charge your crystal, it is a good idea to simply spend a little time with it so it will be able to function more compatibly with the processes in your body which will lead you to your goal. Charging can be done by either ritual or non-ritual situations. Although the ritual charging may be more formal, the procedures are really the same.

    Before beginning the charging process, make sure that the purpose you have in mind for the crystal will have no result that harms anyone. Ask your deity(ies) and/or the elements to aid you in your work, and assist you in communicating with the crystal. While holding the crystal in your hands, clearly visualize the goal of your use for this crystal. You might even project your image of the goal into the crystal itself. Maintain contact with the crystal while visulizing it achieving its purpose for as long as you are able, or until the crystal reflects the goal back to you. Once you feel the energy of your goal reflected back to you, you are ready to use the crystal to help you achieve your goal.



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