Crystal Scrying

Crystal Scrying

Daniel W. Harris
The Crystal Ball

One of the oldest methods of divination known is that of crystal ball scrying. This technique was in use far back in antiquity, nearly all of the great magicians and seers in history have been accredited with powers of crystal vision. The ability to see visions using this method can be developed by almost anyone. The techniques presented here are time tested and do work, however, crystal scrying is like calculus, it takes allot of practice. The development of crystal vision is usually a long process, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. The following is a brief set of instructions to get you started.

Finding And Choosing a Crystal Sphere

The acquisition of the sphere is a very important part of crystal gazing. The crystal is your instrument. Like other technical devices, the better the quality, the better the results that will be obtained. The sphere must be of the natural quartz crystal variety ( Leaded glass is not acceptable ). Spheres can usually be found in occult shops, jewellery stores, and lapidary shops. Do not buy the first sphere you see, look in a number of different shops and learn what is available. Quartz spheres are relatively expensive and the price goes up with resect to the size and clarity. You should choose the sphere based on a few basic criteria. The sphere should be as large and clear as possible, as well, It should also be resonant with your natural vibrational rates.

When selecting a sphere, you should first pick it up using a black cloth. Inspect the ball thoroughly using the cloth as back ground, are the any inclusions? Cracks? If so, decide on weather or not you can live with them. How does the ball feel? Are you comfortable with it in your hands. Remember that you will be using this sphere as a psychic tool, you must be 100% happy with it. If you have any reservations about the sphere do not buy it. Keep looking until the right sphere comes along. If you do not feel that you can comfortably afford a sphere do not buy it, wait and find one you can afford. The crystal ball is chosen as much by intuition as by practical considerations. Take your time, shop around, and you will do just fine.

Preparing The Sphere For Gazing

Quartz has the property of retaining the psychic imprint of any body who handles it. When you first get your sphere it will have been contaminated by those who handled it before you and it must be purified. There are two methods that I would recommend for purifying your sphere;

1) Take your sphere out into the mountains and find a natural unpolluted stream. Completely wash your sphere in the stream. Continue rinsing the sphere until you feel that it is fully cleansed and only your essence is left in it. Dry your globe with a soft cloth and put it away so that no one but you can ever handle it.

2) An alternative method of cleansing the sphere of psychic energy is to get a clean glass or plastic pail large enough to hold it. Fill the pail with distilled water and dissolve in a few spoonfuls of sea salt. Allow the sphere to soak overnight and then rinse it thoroughly with clean fresh water. Dry it and put it away where no one else will touch it.

Now put your crystal away in a dark place for two weeks and do not touch it. A locked box will keep other people from touching and thereby contaminating your sphere. Do not expose the crystal to direct sunlight at any time as this will weaken it for a period of time.

A Place For Gazing The Crystal

Find some place where you can be alone and undisturbed. The room should be darkened and the crystal should be placed on a table in its own stand. There should not be any reflections in the crystal. If necessary you should construct a black partition to fit around the sphere to eliminate reflections. It is best if you have your own room to use so you can set it up and keep other people locked out.

Gazing The Crystal

Sit in front of your sphere in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Hold your hands so that the palms do not touch the sphere but face each other with the crystal in the centre. See the energy flow from your palms into the crystal and energizing it. When the crystal is completely charged, place your hands comfortably on your lap. You can now start looking into your crystal. Hold your vision in such a manner that you are not staring at the sphere. instead look into the centre of it. Let sphere become centred in your vision. Notice how clean and beautiful the sphere is. As you continue gazing, the sphere will shift in and out of focus, at some points your vision may go black. Eventually, you will find that your mind takes on a certain focus as you silence your inner voice. The sphere will cloud over and you will start to experience visions through it. Just relax and let the visions come, wait until after the scrying session to interpret the visions.

When you first start gazing, you should limit the length of time spent in a gazing session to around 15 minutes or so. As you gain experience the length of time spent can be increased. The visions seen through the crystal can range in intensity from images or scenes viewed in the sphere all the way up to finding yourself viewing the scene as if you were actually there. ( It can be a shocking experience to suddenly find yourself surrounded by legions of Roman soldiers marching to battle ). Any time or place can be viewed. If you startle yourself out of the trance, wait until the next day and try again.


The information in this essay should be enough to get you started. I further recommend that you read some good books on scrying. Like anything worthwhile, the art of crystal gazing takes time to learn. Nothing can replace practice and persistence.