Rehmeyer's Hollow

Rehmeyer's Hollow

Rehmeyer's Hollow is located in Stewartstown, York County, Pennsylvania, and has become infamously known for the murder of Nelson D. Rehmeyer in 1928. A book by Arthur Lewis, called "Hex" gives the complete story and details of the murder and trial; the movie, "Apprentice to Murder" was based loosely on the book.

John H. Blymire, a Powwow doctor, or Pennsylvania Dutch Witch, had been ill for a long while, and felt he was under the influence of a hex, or curse. Searching for an answer, he was told by another local witch that he had come under the hex of witch doctor Nelson D. Rehmeyer, his neighbor. Deciding to act, Blymire broke into Rehmeyer's home looking for a book of spells, but instead ran into Rehmeyer himself. Blymire, with the aid of two accomplices, murdered, mutilated, and then burned Rehmeyer's body. All three conspirators were sentenced to life in prison, but paroled later on, and have subsequently died after leading quiet lives.

The Hollow and homes are located on Rehmeyer's Hollow Road. Some sites have stated that Rehmeyer's Hollow Road was changed to Blymire's Hollow Road, but that is incorrect. If you look at actual maps of the area, you will find they are two distinct roads, not near each other. Located at 1709, you will find two buildings on the property. The house is unoccupied, in disrepair, but the porch lights are always on. Further back on the property, there is a small building looking like a miniaturized barn, with broken windows and a large number 13, in red, over the door. Depending on who you speak with in the area, there is some debate on the buildings. Some say the little building was the Rehmeyer home, some say it was nothing but a barn, and the house itself was Rehmeyer's. Some say that Blymire lived in the house. There are numerous "Private Property" and "No Trepassing" signs in the area, and neighbors are not positive to the idea of ghost hunters going through the area.

The Hollow

The smaller building

The House, front view
The House, back and side view

In the book, "Weird Pennsylvania", by Matt Lake, there is a photo of the House on page 23. Taken in 2004, the home is covered in a light blue siding. The photos above, taken by myself on May 28, 2007, show a small amount of the siding still near the top of the home (see The House, back and side view), but the rest has been stripped off to show the natural wood planks underneath.